US PS3 owners can get for $ 55 from Sony


Class actions today are becoming more common. Maybe someone else remembers six years ago after one of the PlayStation 3 firmware update on the Sony console has stopped working Linux operating system. Some people are upset it (Linux allowed to use the console for a variety of non-gaming tasks) – enough to feed on Sony’s Court


The result of the class action Other OS Now enables PS3 owners to demand from Sony compensation in the amount of $ 55 in cash. Of course, there are a number of limitations. First of all, you must be a US citizen. Secondly, you must be the owner of the original PlayStation 3 for the period from 1 November 2006 to 1 April 2010. Finally, you must provide proof of purchase and use of the Linux console her. And only after that you can expect to get rich on $ 55.

If the US citizen will be able to prove only that at one time made a purchase of the original console and was going to use the function of the Other OS, and the resulting output unfortunate firmware lost important opportunities, the demand from Sony, he will be able to compensate in the amount of $ 9.

is hardly a lot of hunters for such payments (except the desire to respond to annoy the Japanese company), but what in the world just does not happen – maybe this thing will cost Sony a round sum . Anyway, to submit a request for compensation can be until December 7 this year. In January 2017, the judge must approve the impartiality of the judgment.


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