Update SwiftKey for Android added support codewords


popular keyboard Developers SwiftKey released an update for Android-version. The update includes new features, including a simplification of the process of saving and sending of sample phrases. a new feature called Clipboard allows you to create standard phrases, for example, a favorite greeting or information about a contact, you can quickly copy and paste directly into the text. Before that access to Clipboard can be obtained only in the beta version of the app, and now this feature has been redesigned and is now available for all users.


this list does not end with the update. Another function, the Shortcuts, will help set up a short word, for example, “Dom1” that when writing will cause the whole phrase attached to it, such as your home address. As soon as you write the code word, phrase associated with it is automatically added to the text.

SwiftKey also added five new languages, including Tibetan and Yakut, and now supports the transliteration of Hindi and Gujarati language.

Source: androidauthority.com

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