At the beginning were zombies . And then they came Frankenstein and the Wolfman . Other grisly surprises Nintendo could be preparing for the third series of items in your collection “Scary ghosts! Horrible Halloween”? Our curiosity was finally satisfied with the new update released application Miitomo (iOS / Android), which again is based on classic monsters of literature and cinema to leave their Miis well (or poorly) dresses the date commemorating most sinister of the year.

is now available in the minigame Mii Solta the Count Dracula costume, elegant and bloodthirsty Romanian vampire created by the Irish writer Bram Stoker but you might want to cover your tracks Mii to turn it into a hideous mummy that seems to have recently come out of a sarcophagus Egyptian. Open up your eyes and check out below the complete list and also a picture of the new items of Halloween thrown Miitomo reader (a).

items added to the Mii Solta (until 1/11)

– Dracula Costume
– Fantasy Mummy
– Shirt Eyes
– Coffin