the advent of Playstation VR gave way for gamers to have a remarkable line -up launch, although the triple-a games must indeed still be seen. We decided to open our wave of reviews devoted to titles for Playstation with VR Until Dawn Rush of Blood, a true spin-off of Until Dawn adventure game that has earned an incredible number of players thanks to its nature as a real teen-movie and the presence of an incredibly effective plot.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a real fps on the tracks where the player is required to survive after a rollercoaster ride in style turns into a death trap. But we analyze every aspect of Until Dawn Rush of Blood.


Unlike Until Dawn, in Until Dawn Rush of Blood we can not count on a real plot . The player will be found in the shoes of a character on board a cart and will be called to face a roller coaster ride in style, with the addition of having to shoot at various targets in the different location (as pretty much happens in the Egyptian carousel Gardaland, ndSketchT). But soon the situation will change and our virtual alter ego will have to fight with the enemies of flesh and blood, zombies, clowns murderers and monsters of all kinds.

The high Until Dawn recalls are countless. The trip is a real exploration of Josh’s mind, one of the key players of the original game, in which we shall see again the two missing sisters, settings related to the hut in which they played the game and more.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood does not go to investigate any issue of Until Dawn, consequently forget to rely on any element able to enrich the plot of the game itself. We are faced with a product completely to itself topped by the presence of continuous quotes, such as Dr.Hill transformed for the occasion into carny.


as said earlier, Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a fps on the tracks. The player will thus be comfortable sitting in the chair and will have blastare every single item on the screen. Remember the various Time Crisis, House of the Dead and others? Perfect, the effect is very similar.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood can be dealt with either by using the Dual Shock 4 that the two Playstation Move, which are transformed for the occasion into a pair of pistols. The effect is undoubtedly compelling and above all very evocative because you really have the impression of being completely immersed in the game world. During the adventure we can not just shoot at the different targets and villains of the moment, but you will need to deal with some of the bosses, not always easy to overcome as a result of a not very clear pattern given by the almost claustrophobic feeling that is given Playstation wearing VR. Behold pour him bloodthirsty clowns, birds, red-eyed, spitting spider and much more makes it difficult to actually keep a cool head, a result will not always be easy because in a lucid, especially remembering that the viewer works to 360 degrees, and then you must also take into account the possibility of lateral attacks by enemies. However, we have noticed that almost all the sorties of the wicked will be announced with some details that capture the player’s attention and suggests where to look, but in case of death would still find himself facing the section without having to start from the field. The check-point management is in fact treated at the right point.

Advancing the adventure you can simply enhance the weapons firing on an ad hoc boxes. Then we will be in possession of sawed-off shotguns, uzi, six-shot revolvers, pistols, rocket launchers and more, equipment that has different effects on the evil according to the firepower. The basic weapons have infinite bullets while advanced ones will have a limited number of shots, so you need to make best use of power ups available.

Based on a horror title, developers Until Dawn Rush of Blood have decided to include a series of moments that can make the player jump from the chair . The surprise effect is certainly effective but too obvious since the formula presentation of these steps is repeated too often. The lights go out, the figure appears out of nowhere and again. Nothing particularly inspired, but the first few times we assure you that scares will be guaranteed. During our tests we found no problem with the sickness, even if the moments rollercoaster style give the same effect as when dealing with a live tournament, so the game could give some trouble to those who can not digest similar rides.

The developers have also decided to include a few moments “moved.” You will often have to tilt your head because of environmental traps along your route. circular saws, hooks and pillars are just some of the obstacles in the game.

If on one side we admit to be enjoyed by harnessing the adventure of Until Dawn Rush of Blood, on the other hand we must note however different aspects that we do not have at all convinced. The first half of the game is truly effective, both as regards the setting that the variety of enemies to face. Here we are, however we realized that developers were limited to recycle the same situations, therefore hardly find the desire to focus once again on the game once completed . They decided to include a few levels of difficulty, so that the more complicated experience, all seasoned with some alternative ways, selectable shooting on charge sign, bonus targets to be killed and multipliers able to increase the proportion score. however, nothing so galvanized by regaining the player’s attention.

We have not found any sort of communication problem between VR Playstation and the Playstation Move. The targeting system is not always perfect but is certainly accomplice calibration of the devices, therefore a minimum of error must be taken into account, which element however has never affected in a negative way our trials.


The technical sector of Until Dawn Rush of Blood is certainly interesting . We are faced with a product that will immerse players in a world dark and claustrophobic, perfectly in line with the brand itself. The locations are inspired and good variety, like the character design of the bad guys. Excellent animations and especially the feeling of frenzy that surrounds the player. See spiders that climb on our wagon while attention is focused on the enemy in turn is an almost overwhelming feeling, that causes the player that fear of being wrapped in a death grip.

Also excellent audio sector, which takes the Until Dawn tunes, including dubbing in Italian.


Needless to hide it. Until Dawn Rush of Blood has been able to capture us and involve us in an adventure fun and exciting horror . The feeling of being hunted by their enemies is often felt, especially thanks to Playstation VR, the device that catapults the player in the game world and keeps the balance in that universe exuding madness and above all bloody, especially in locations where we will see giant pigs slaughtered and other Josh seen nightmares Until Dawn.

Unfortunately Until Dawn Rush of Blood is struck by the ax of longevity. The moments can make you jump out of the chair quickly become predictable and is not any in-depth storyline. We are faced with a shooter on rails altogether trivial, made only unmissable thanks to virtual reality technology.

GAMEPLAY 7 TECHNICAL 7 LONGEVITY ‘5 MULTIPLAYER – GLOBAL 7 fun Virtual Experience gameplay simple but effective Environments inspired a repetitive traits sights not always perfect system nonexistent plot SketchT