Unsuccessful hacking has left almost one million people in Germany


without the Internet

Hundreds of thousands of people in Germany at the weekend left without the Internet. The reason for that has served as an unsuccessful attempt to hack routers malicious users, which led to a series of failures in the network.

properly, start on Sunday and continue on Monday, faced about 900 thousand clients of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom – the largest in Europe and third largest in the world. This is 4.5% of the company’s twenty millionth customer base. Attackers were going to use routers with freewheeling members properly for a larger attack. According to Deutsche Telekom, the last month is the second major attack of this kind.

“During the attack the routers should have been infected with malware, but something went wrong and it caused the failures and limitations of the four to five percent of the routers – said the telecommunications company official statement. – This led to a ban on the use of Deutsche Telekom services for affected customers “


The company stated that it has released a software update for the router, which should fix the problem. Deutsche Telekom customers are also encouraged to briefly disable your routers from the power source to eliminate all the effects of malware.

Later it was learned that the attack was directed not only to Germany but also to other countries. This information was confirmed by the Federal Office for Information Security of the country. Therefore, Deutsche Telekom was able to safely say that routers infection was carried out, while the network of the company were not in any way affected.


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