In addition to all the well-known 3DMark, popular among testers and reviewers use and test Unigine packages. With the release times Unigine Heaven, is well suited to compare the effectiveness of tessellation at various AMD and NVIDIA gaming cards, it went quite a long time, and finally announced that soon she will be ready to test package capable of the full load even modern flagships . It is known Unigine Superposition and demonstrates a very highly detailed scene unfolding in the abstract of a laboratory scientist, filled with a variety of equipment.

The full list of supported API software company is not announced, but most likely, in addition to DirectX 11, DirectX 12 will be supported and the OpenGL, but, unfortunately, not Vulkan. One of the most interesting innovations in the Superposition is to support virtual reality devices, in particular, helmet Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Unigine new test will be available in the free version (can change profiles and the quality of graphics), the Advanced version (the possibility of stress testing) and Professional (various rendering modes, and in-depth analysis of the frame).

Be based on the engine will Superposition Unigine 2. In addition to the test, he will give anyone with even a free license online with mini-games. As befits any modern test packets, the results obtained using the Unigine Superposition, you can send a global database with ratings. Launches a new test will be like Windows, and in the popular versions of Linux; in the latter case, of course, no question of supporting DirectX will not go. The exact timing of the announcement Unigine does not call, he speaks only of the fourth quarter of this year, and hence the appearance of Superposition is not far off.