Unbox Therapy confirms: 7 32GB iPhone is slower in “writing” than the versions 128 and 256 GB


A new video by Unbox Therapy confirms what has already been established by another test: the iPhone 7 32GB is slower at writing than the versions 128GB and 256GB.

Unbox Therapy conducted a benchmark test and a device utilization in real life, to show that the writing speed of the iPhone 7 32GB is less compared to variants 128GB and 256GB . The test confirms that the 256GB model arrives at a write speed of 341 MB / s, while the 32GB does not exceed 42 MB / second. This is a significant difference: in the actual use test, a video from 4.2GB took 2 minutes and 34 seconds to be “written” on iPhone 7 256GB, and 3 minutes and 40 seconds on the 32GB model.