The head of BioWare Aarin Flynn (Aaryn Flynn) shared some details of the mysterious new project studio. In an interview Game Informer he said that the development is in full swing, but the expected announcement is not necessary in the near future.

“We will not discuss this project until it is completely clear what exactly it represents, – Flynn began. – we showed the game EA CEO and, as it seemed, he liked it. So, knock on wood, we will continue to deal with it. Hopefully, we will tell more about it after the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda »

According to Flynn, the opportunity to create an entirely new intellectual property represented” every ten years “, so the studio has spent more than a year to study. all available options. “You have to understand that you want to do something unique or better offer something more familiar. We at BioWare understand that like the audience and ourselves, so the project pay much attention to the story and narrative. And to depart from this idea is not going to “ added Flynn


With the new will be so “alive» IP BioWare wants to offer “incredible technology”, and the characters in the game that “would want to meet in real life” with them. For the first time about this mysterious project studio mentioned back in September 2012.