Ubisoft recently announced that all his destined games Virtual Reality will support cross-play between PlayStation VR Oculus Rift and HTC Lives . Players will therefore not be required to own the same viewer to enjoy together in the multiplayer segment of the various titles.

The support to cross-play will be rolled out during the day today (November 29) on Eagle Flight and users possess Playstation VR can play with owners of the Oculus Rift and vice versa.

The function will also be available on HTC Lives as of December 20 the output of day version of Eagle Flight destined to HTC home viewer.

Ubisoft also confirmed that support to cross-play will be available from the day of launch also of Werewolves Within in released on December 6 and Star Trek Binge Crew which begins on 14 March.

Following the announcement, which we are sure will delight all fans of Virtual Reality, David Votypka Senior Creator at Red Storm, said:

ensure support to cross-platform titles on VR was one of our main objectives as a result we are extremely happy to announce that Eagle Flight, Within Werewolves and Star Trek Binge Crew will be played using the cross-play. Our games offer multiplayer bodied experience and allow users to play together, regardless of what headset have, will greatly improve the social nature of our degrees.

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