With the release of the latest update for Uber app at number 3.222.4 company changed policy on data collection user location. Before data is sent to the company servers only when the application is opened, but now it transmits information about the location of a person, even in the background.

the Uber says that is not going to abuse this advantage. The company said that it just needs a little more data about user location to improve service, and request permission to permanent access to these data, it is necessary because of the very structure of the permissions on a mobile device.

In particular, now Uber begins to collect a user’s data is moved at the time of sending the request for the trip, and ends up collecting them after five minutes after landing a man at the point of destination. The information the company wants to use to improve the process of landing and disembarkation of users – not only problematic element Uber, and other services to find a taxi


Uber also wants to know how often people cross the road after landing. According to the company, after disembarking passengers should not have any problems with traffic, and thus Uber wants to make sure that people are always planted in safe places.

The company laid the groundwork for this change last summer, updating the privacy policy so as to be able to collect data on the location of the users in the background. Then Uber announced that it will add to service new and useful functions such as faster loading of data after the opening of the application.

Electronic Privacy Information (EPIC) center filed a complaint to the FTC at the Uber, innovation called “illegal and deceptive trade practices.” Nevertheless, the Uber says that before you start to collect baseline data about the location, it receives permission of users.