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If you thought there was no more unusual ways to advertise, Uber is now using drones to promote your app to drivers stuck in traffic jams. Bizarre, the action has been adopted by the American startup in bottled Mexico City’s streets and is part of efforts to expand its operations in the Latin American market.

Angered and frustrated, drivers of the Mexican capital have been surprised by drones, flying a few centimeters of the vehicles and bring with posters asking if they are alone in the car. With the question, the company wants to not only promote UberPool, platform mode in which two or more people can share the same Uber, as well as the idea that service cars can help desengarrafar the city.

in addition, the company also says it wants to help reduce pollution levels capital of the country – one of the world’s bottled. If everyone would adopt Uber, natural beauty shrouded by smoke emitted by cars could not only be seen but also appreciated by the population – some say posters.

The strange way to promote your services is part of Uber’s efforts to consolidate and expand its operations in Latin America. The region has become a major focus of the company after she left China in a deal made with the local Didi ChuXing. Currently, Brazil is the third largest market of the company, behind only the United States and India.

The company currently operates in 65 cities in the region and has plans to double its activities until the beginning of 2018. It plans not only increase the supply of vehicles here, but also offer different modalities, such as the UberEats their food delivery system, in the coming months.

Via Bloomberg Digital Trends

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