The specialists of FSUE “ZaschitaInfoTrans”, according to the newspaper “Izvestia”, we have developed identification technology small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in weight from 250 grams to 30 kg.

This is a question of conferring drones “license plates.” A unique series of characters is offered to record an active RFID-tag, which will have to carry on board any drone weighing more than a quarter of a kilogram.

special instruments will be used to identify the drones that can read data from RFID-tags at a distance up to 300 meters. Thus, as expected, the UAV can identify the (of course, if you have RFID chip on board) in the case of violation of flight safety area or when the penetration of the closed area.

For registration drones planned to charge. It measures time is not defined – supposedly, it will be 200-300 rubles. Spread the RFID-tag will be through the centers of public services, through a network of major retailers, as well as through proprietary sales network of mobile operators.

As it is planned to monitor the installation of RFID-tags existing owners and new buyers of drones is not specified.