Pofan and Mixza offer two different accessories that increase the space available on the iPhone, simply using the Lightning port.

The accessory made by Pofan is very interesting, because it hides the Lightning stick in an elegant keychain. All you have to do is turn the key in it and insert it into the iPhone’s Lightning port. We will then have available from 16GB to 128GB in more (depending on the selected section) to store various types of files, without taking your iPhone.


Aesthetically, this accessory is very cute and is made of aluminum alloy. The weight is only 11 grams and even to the touch immediately offers a feeling of high reliability. The device is also resistant to water, and can therefore be worn without problems even on holiday.


Pofan offers a double connection Lightning and Micro-USB, so that the accessory can be used on iOS devices Android. Thanks to the USB 2.0 connection, the transfer rate is more than good (17MB / s Read, 7MB / s write) and are no special configurations required to activate the connection with the iPhone. The presence of the USB connection then you can quickly transfer from PC / Mac to iPhone files.


On the iPhone, using the appropriate app, you can take advantage of the Pofan stick to store photos, videos, music, contacts, audio recordings, and documents.


All files are encrypted and are therefore secure when stored in the stick (the app also access is via Touch ID). To play videos, photos or songs you do not need to transfer iPhone files, because everything happens real-time directly from Pofan, without any kind of slowdown. In addition, with a tap you can make a backup of all photos stored on iPhone and all contacts directly into stick.

So this is a complete and very interesting product for those who have more space on your iPhone. The price goes from 16 to 51 EUR according to the selected section.

The alternative of Mixza is more classical in design: it is always a key that “increases” the memory available on the iPhone. The product is MFI certificate, is available in silver color and is made of aluminum. The design is more sober than the solution of Pofan.

img_5351 img_5352 The speed of 19MB / s read and 14MB / s write. always present the micro USB connector. This allows you to access files without having to physically connect the iPhone to the stick. The compatible formats are the same as with Pofan.


The price ranges from € 32 to € 64 of the 32GB version of the 128GB version. Available here .