Twitter opened Moments at all at the beginning of autumn, but this possibility was dedicated exclusively to the web platform users. However, Twitter is primarily a social networks dedicated to mobile users and therefore seemed very odd that the opening of Moments to all users did not also users of the application for smartphones. Fortunately, now, this gap was filled.

Twitter, in fact, announced that the ability to create Moments, Moments in Italian, is also coming to users in possession of the application for platforms iOS and Android . The Moments, remember, are stories cured showing the best of what’s happening on Twitter. To create one, users will simply have to find a tweet that wish to include, tap the arrow pointing downwards in the upper right corner and select “Add to Moment”. Users can also search favorite tweet of old posts to be included in the collection. Albeit with a certain delay is therefore now possible to create new Moments / Moments directly from the mobile application.

Although today Twitter is focusing more on live streaming services is still nice that the social network allows you to create these sorts of collections of stories that allow you to collect the best of what’s going to ‘interior of the platform.

The Social Network, as noted, is trying every opportunity to return to growth. Surely this news will not save him from the impasse in which it is but it certainly represents a step forward in order to improve the user experience of the platform.