Salesforce is no longer officially interested in buying Twitter. The CEO of the company, Marc Beniof after a back and forth, it finally closed any possibility of agreement with the social networks . Twitter, therefore, no longer has any buyer and the social network is increasingly alone. Salesforce had remained the only serious candidate after all the others had withdrawn from the race to the acquisition of Twitter, but now, this door is closed. In fact, as early last week had reached the voices of Salesforce disinterest but was later showed that Twitter was continuing to talk to the company that specializes in cloud services.

Now, however, comes the official confirmation that nobody wants Twitter. Google, Apple, Disney, Verizon, Microsoft and Salesforce. None of these big players to Internet has wanted to bet at the end really the acquisition of the social network Twitter and the future becomes more and more problematic. The directors of the company will continue, however, to look for possible interested but the strategy of selling Twitter to save her from critical situation as it relates appears, therefore, impractical. The final step backward Salesforce would substantially depended on strong pressure brought by shareholders to the CEO of the company. The acquisition of Twitter, in fact, was not frowned upon. The stock market has obviously not react well to this news with by way of Twitter down by more than 5% . Conversely, however, the Salesforce prices rose by more than 5%.


Twitter will have to continue alone and groped to get out of the impasse in which it finds by his own forces. A difficult restructuring process whose success is far from guaranteed. The CEO of the social network, Jack Dorsey since his return in the company is doing everything possible to find a solution but the results at the time, are very scarce.

A Twitter missing, in fact, that critical mass of users who increasingly prefer other platforms. The social network is, in fact, very popular with the media and journalists but “common” users are, today, very far away.