Pokemon in price. And in the truest sense.

The other day card with drawn Pikachu became the trophy of twenty-five young man, though he was a collector since childhood, paid for her fabulous sum -. 54 970 dollars the joy of the auction organizers of Heritage auctions, where the Pokémon was put up for sale


The world’s only 39 of these “portraits.” – hence the excitement they appeared in 1998 -. as a prize from the publication CoroCoro

By the way, a few years ago bought Pikachu for 23 000 dollars. Growth rates in more than twice summoned certainly pokemonomaniey worldwide. Blame is and Pokemon Go Pokemon Sun & Moon.

The name of the lucky man in easy to spend almost 55 thousand dollars, carefully concealed.

World’s Most Expensive Pokemon Card Sold at Auction – IGN – A Pokemon card has been sold for $ 54,970 at auction, making it the most expensive card of its kind in the world. The mint condition card is a “Pikachu Illustrator” Trainer Promo Hologram, and was sold at Heritage Auctions in Beverley Hills, California on November 18.