The development of the Taiwanese semiconductor foundry TSMC 7-nm manufacturing standards goes according to the plan. Already in the second quarter of next year, according to one of the executive directors of the company Mark Liu (Mark Liu), said at a meeting with investors, the company will begin to risk producing 7-nm chips.

TSMC’s expected that more than 20 companies interested in the 7-nm rules aimed at printing as a chip for mobile devices, and high-performance solutions. Mass production of the same, according to Mr. Liu said, is scheduled for 2018 (although there are rumors that the next Apple smartphone in 2017 will be equipped with a 7-nm SoC).

Furthermore, TSMC and participates in the development of 5-nm semiconductor process. The company intends in 2019 to begin to build a semiconductor manufacturing in compliance with these rules, which are also focused on mobile products and high-performance computing.

With regard to the 10-nm process technology, which is mainly designed for crystal printing for mobile devices, mass production to meet those standards should begin, according to TSMC plans at the end of this year. By the way, TSMC has raised its forecasts for profit growth in 2016 to 11-12% vs. 5-10%.