The portal launched “ Trovastreaming “, a new tool that lets you find the best price for movies looking across platforms of streaming . The use is similar to that of other search engines. It puts the title to which it is concerned and shall consult the results. Trovastreaming compares offers from iTunes CHILI Google Play Infinity and RaiPlay . The user must therefore not searchable repeated on each platform and can compare costs directly. The results include renting and buying both standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD).

In the program there are also some offers special we speak of discounts from 2 euros for streaming and download of over 1000 titles and value codes up to 4.99 Euro. At some events will also be proposed renting free of some movies. Obviously there are options to filter results according to various parameters (actors, directors, general, etc.).

Gianluca Guzzo founder of, said:

We sent our first streaming movies in 2010, and caused a sensation because for the first time was put online an even before the film at the cinema, we then created one of the first video on demand subscription offerings and experienced the first releases in Italy “day and date.” The market in 2011 has grown at an average rate of 41% and a tool like our Trovastreaming will be of great use for the formation, development and consolidation of the domestic audiovisual market.

Lorenzo Ferrari Ardicini President of Univideo, added:

This is crucial initiative to combat piracy in our Paese.Avere one place where the public can retrieve all information related to online use of movies they want to watch is a great service for everyone.

Federico Bagnoli Rossi Secretary General FAPAV, said:

Initiatives like this are important to promote knowledge of the offer legal available on the Italian market, encourage the consumption of online audiovisual products and help to fight piracy on the Internet. similar services launched in foreign markets have encouraged the use of legal digital content and supported the growth of audiovisual products.

Nicola Zucchini Buriani VIA