One of the largest and most revolutionary classics from the world of games of all time, Super Mario 64 was twenty years old its official release in Japan on Wednesday, June 22, and it is clear that such a special day like this always end up serving as a strong source of inspiration for many (the) fans to release all your creativity intending to pay tribute to the birthday girl.

The work done by Canadian artist BryanHeemskerk , for example, not only is a beautiful homage to the game in question as well as a work that excites the imagination of those who enjoy it. Held in style “pixel art” art below depicts the epic and unforgettable battle against the villain Bowser in a look that somehow convinces us that would be awesome playing a port of Super Mario 64 with graphics style Super Nintendo / Game Boy Advance.

If the image above also caused you a great impression, certainly worth click here to visit the page of BryanHeemskerk on DeviantArt , which brings many other also fantastic works linked to the great classics of games (such as Dr Mario the Legend of Zelda:. Wind Waker and Street Fighter 2 , among others). In addition, the artist promises to create two more pieces related to Super Mario 64 soon, and we are curious to know what will be the portrayed scenes; do you have any guess, reader (a)?