ARTICLE SPONSORED – TrenDevice Site Ranked # 1 in Italy for sell and buy Apple refurbished products, to October offers un’extravalutazione 50 € on all Macs, in collaboration with iPhoneItalia: to get the rewarding simply enter the code IPHONEITALIA50 during the evaluation phase of your used. The code is valid only until 31/10/2016.

Service Mac withdrawal used TrenDevice covers many models: all Macs from 2009 onwards, including the latest Retina 2015. Here are some examples of evaluations obtainable advantage dell’extravalutazione 50 €: a MacBook Pro Retina 13 “ beginning of 2015 is rated at up to 860 EUR + 50 € extravalutazione . Selling at a TrenDevice MacBook Pro 13 “ mid-2012 are obtained up to 500 € + € 50 extravalutazione a MacBook Pro 15″ half of 2012 is paid up 760 € + 50 €, a iMac 27 “ end of 2013 worth up to € 1,000 + € 50, a MacBook Air 13 ” beginning of 2015 is rated at up to 550 € + 50 €.

How to sell your used Mac on TrenDevice and get extravalutazione 50 €? Once connected to the website just follow the guided process and answer a few questions about the technical characteristics and the state of your Mac, getting a real-time quote. In the evaluation page enter the code IPHONEITALIA50 (by 31/10) in the field, so you will get 50 euro more. Afterwards you will be contacted by phone to arrange the date and time of withdrawal with Corriere assured completely free. After 7 days you will receive the agreed payment directly into your bank account.


TrenDevice, born in 2014, and with over 100,000 devices already recovered or liquidated, is now the solution Ranked # 1 in Italy to monetize used Apple products quickly and buy reconditioned guaranteed 2 years.