A few days ago, the company announced a new series Transcend memory modules SO-DIMM DDR4, capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions. These new products are designed for industrial computers, special purpose devices, street systems, such as interactive kiosks and ATMs, and other platforms, whose purpose – reliable work in an open environment 24/7. As a consequence, the new Transcend models can be used in compact PCs without worrying about their cooling. At the heart of “all-weather” memory modules are special printed circuit board with gold-plated contacts of thickness 30 microns, equipped with high-quality industrial-grade capacitors. The boards are designed in view of a possible confrontation shock loads, electromagnetic disturbances or changes in temperature ranging from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

In practice, this means that the new Transcend memory modules can easily function as in the Antarctic, and in such harsh places like the desert Dasht-e Lut, which is the hottest place on the planet with fixed maximum temperature of 71 degree Celsius. Consequently, they are superb in tight enclosures industrial and military equipment, and other areas without adequate ventilation. The new series includes three models SO-DIMM. Two of them have a volume of 8 GB, but TS1GSH72V4B-I version supports the ECC, whereas the version TS1GSH64V4B-I – no. A more succinct version TS2GSH64V4B-I is available only in versions without ECC. Power supply from new products is 1.2 volts, the native operating frequency – 2400 MHz, which meets JEDEC specifications


The main component of any memory module are DRAM chips. New modules SO-DIMM, issued by Transcend, based on chips DDR4 K4A8G08 audits B (capacity 8 Gb, B-die, 20 nm) Samsung production, with the production of modules used only selected and the last control on the performance in the extreme conditions of the housing. No wonder that Transcend accompanies news lifetime warranty. The cost of these unique modules are not made public, but it is obviously much higher than the cost of conventional SO-DIMM by the use of special circuit boards, gold coating and selected DRAM chips capable of working both at extremely low, and at extremely high temperatures. However, the SFF enthusiasts, not regretting any means to create a completely silent PC with minimal dimensions, will certainly welcome new modules Transcend.