TP-Link Archer C60 with support for 802.11ac provides enhanced coverage

TP-Link has introduced a new dual-band Wi-Fi router Archer C60 (model AC1350). It is equipped with five external antennas that allows you to create fast and reliable Wi-Fi network standard 802.11ac around the house. with two channels, Wi-Fi, broadcast with support 3×3 MIMO, this router provides connectivity to multiple devices without delay. Wi-Fi channel Powerful 2.4 GHz allows to work with e-mail, browse the Web and listen to music at speeds up to 450 Mbit / s, while channel 5 GHz at a speed of 867 Mbit / s for streaming HD-video, online gaming and video conferencing.

 TP-Link Archer C60

TP-Link Archer C60 supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard, which provides in three times higher speed than the previous 802.11n standard. As a result, each wireless device on the network can receive a fast, powerful and efficient signal Wi-Fi. The router is equipped with five antennas, antennas for three frequencies of 2.4 GHz and two antennas for 5 GHz. They are set alternately to improve dual-band coverage and reduce interference.

“Every home needs a quick and long-range Wi-Fi We develop devices such as Archer C60, to provide optimal Wi-Fi network for all users.”, – Said Danny Liang, regional manager for the Middle East and Africa .

 TP-Link Archer C60

Key features of TP-Link Archer C60:

  • AC1350 standard: speed to 1317 Mbit / s channel at 2.4 GHz (up to 450 Mbit / s) and 5 GHz (up to 867 Mbit / s)
  • support Wi-Fi 802.11ac for fast operation of wireless devices;
  • three antennas of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz two antennas for better coverage Wi-Fi – queued placement can reduce signal interference and increase stability;
  • 3×3 MIMO provides reception and transmission of more data, increase speed and coverage Wi-Fi;
  • parental control allows you to block access to web sites and configure the schedule;
  • guest network provides private access to the network for guest users;
  • check status and change network settings, and Wi-Fi via mobile Tether app on Android of iOS or

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