Imagine a car that does not just follow the navigation system, but calculations a slightly different path, to force you to walk . That ‘s what has been studying Toyota for its future cars. In fact at the time the project is very embryonic, with a patent application generic, but there appears to be a complicated thing to implement.

The onboard system and the car turn into a kind of giant smartband, and just like the popular wearable devices, could suggest goals daily physical activity for stay healthy.

So then in certain circumstances, set a course in the navigator, the car can suggest of not to park right next to the destination calculating that the way that you would be forced to walk corresponds to a date percentage of physical activity for the day. Similarly, taking the car to a too close destination, as the best supercars of the show 80 years, could also refuse to apply forcing you to give you a move.

With the large amount of reminders of this already active on your smartphone and smartwatch, it remains to see what you might be willing to listen to just that, rather than ignore it like everyone else. And use an electric hoverboard for the last mile is invalid!