the saga of Touhou Genso is made up of several chapters, but resonant only in the country of the rising sun. We are facing a brand linked to the genre shoot em’up born in 1996 and featured several chapters and spin-offs. The Cubetype developers have decided to propose to holders of Playstation 4 Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet last chapter already available on the PC and now also approachable from the house of Sony game machine, distributed at the reduced price of 29,99 EUR .

then We analyze every aspect of Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet.


Gensokyo is one of the unknown Japan region to the rest of the world because Harukei the barrier, we can divide society between humans and Youkai. The two factions still coexist in the aforementioned region, within which you can count on a real game specifically designed to limit the possibility of seeing lead to wars or internal conflicts. The Danmaku is the practice in which some girls can compete with no frills and, above all, no holds barred.

E ‘should be stressed that in Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet, as just described is not practically narrated in the game, therefore only those who know the brand, and especially the characters, will clear the situation wraps Gensokyo.

The tutorial is incredibly long, however very interesting section since it is explained by the thread and sign any kind of aspect to the game controls. You can then rely on different methods, such Story, Arcade, Boss Rush, VS Com, Human VS and VS Online . In Story you will need to deal with clashes of increasing difficulty, seasoned by the presence of dialogues between characters in perfect visual novel style, thus leaving room for still images and dialog boxes. Arcade mode is the classic one on one in perfect and Boss Rush games room style puts the player in the face of challenges against the CPU in Spell mode (aspect that will deepen just below n.d.SketchT) . VS Com, Human VS and VS Online certainly did not need any introduction.


the players then find themselves faced with a roster of ten girls divided into two factions. Needless to stress so that the characters will have skills and classically exclusive skill. We are facing a real fighting game one on one but practically based on the style of the shoot em’up given that most of the attacks of the characters seem to be straight out of style adventures Raiden and many others.

Each hero has available a main and a secondary attack, all embellished by the presence of a third special power . Obviously every offensive is linked to the character, but the common feature consists of a particularly high rate of fire and range of bullets, basically scattered all over the screen. Certainly no shortage of the close quarters, which can be activated once you enter the character’s zone of action (identifiable thanks to the wheels placed at the foot of the wrestlers). The first circle indicates the range of the primary melee attack, while the second is related to the attack in the secondary fray. To lead to positive physical offensive house you need to make it all with the proper timing, while taking into account the skills of the protagonist chosen for the occasion.

Tell sign the shots also it means receive power ups however, available only in the game for a while. Needless to say, you can count on different types of power-ups, thus boosting the effectiveness of their attacks or the rest of the powers. He can not miss a indicator able to break up the pace of the gameplay. Called Charge once filled you can get in Spell mode, or in its variant Final Spell, in order to transform the arena of combat in a real confrontation with a boss (for a limited period of time).

to triumph in Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet is necessary to make the most of the dodge, which is activated by pressing the right bumper button, evasive maneuver that can be performed in any direction and thus avoid direct enemy fire, or perhaps groped to circumvent the opponent.

After a few moments of the game you notice right away that in Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet reigns virtually chaos. On the screen you will actually find it hard to keep track of the movements of the characters due to an incredible number of bullets and rays of each color can be bright, therefore every strategic aspect is soon torn to pieces and thrown in the trash in favor of impromptu actions, and some completely random situations. There are no also any type of combo, so the gray matter can be trivially set aside.


Little to say about the graphics. The anime style that envelops the game is enjoyable to watch, as are the various special effects linked to the myriad of projectiles that are thrown up on the screen. Excellent also the visual impact of the seabed, always very inspired but still devoid of any interactive element.

Good also the audio industry, able to marry perfectly with the style of play and convincingly accompany each battaglia.E ‘should be stressed that the localization of the texts is entirely in English.


Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet is a game unpretentious but still fun . The idea to merge the concept of fighting game in the style of the shoot em’up game is undoubtedly interesting but goes absolutely filed since in most of the time it becomes really difficult to understand what is happening on the screen. Fun in multiplayer, Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet unconvincing especially in individual resulting from a roster too limited and especially the total absence of insights related to the characters. A pity, then, we are still convinced that the product Cubetype could serve as inspiration for much cared for and deeper future projects.



Great multiplayer interesting mode Too chaotic and at times repetitive Roster poor SketchT