Touch ID of the iPhone 8? This detail may indicate that no



The closer we get to the traditional Apple iPhone event in September, more rumors about the iPhone 8 are emerging. And most of them go in the same direction: the new iPhone will have a new screen layout that has forced Apple to dispense with the fingerprint sensor, the much touted Touch ID.

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There may be no Touch ID on the iPhone 8, but the phone is expected to have an advanced 3D facial recognition system unlike anything else ever designed. And there is a new escape to support this rumor.

Developer Steve Troughton Smith, who is famous for his discoveries in Apple code and recently stumbled upon an uncensored HomePod software version containing many hidden details of the iPhone 8, is back with new discoveries.

He posted on Twitter a screenshot that apparently lists several Apple products, including iPhones this year, which are part of the X10 generation, iPhone10.

One would guess from this iPhone10.3 and 10.6 are the 'iPhone 8', and this would suggest on the Table (Touch ID). Is Savage the face sensor?

– Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) August 22, 2017

According to him, iPhone10,3 and iPhone10,6 may be different versions of the iPhone 8. And they lack the "Table". Desk, of course, is the internal code name of Touch ID, and its absence seems to indicate that the phones do not have a fingerprint sensor. Comparatively, all four other iPhone10, iPhones have Mesa in their description.
In addition, the 10.3 and 10.6 iPhones have a unique designator: "Savage". That may be the internal denomination of the facial sensor.

Oh, nope, I guess this is pretty explicit. So Savage must be something with the Pearl sensor

– Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) August 22, 2017

Troughton Smith initially thought that Savage might not necessarily be related to the facial recognition feature, but then found evidence that Savage is tied to Pearl. Pearl or Pearl ID is the code name that Apple used in its HomePod firmware to define facial recognition functionality. Troughton Smith was also the one who discovered it.

Therefore, we will finally see what is revealed in the next KeyNote that will take place in September. We know ** Apple is preparing something big and we will witness it **, so do not lose weight in our publications so you can stay up to date. We await you.



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