The company Toshiba plans to enter the market of components for unmanned vehicles and systems of detection of obstacles on the road. The Japanese manufacturer hopes to establish a new source of income by investing a little money. The basis for the development it has – the whole range of semiconductor solutions and a variety of microcontrollers and technology


the Nikkei

Together with Toshiba Nagoya University has developed a new system that combines single-lens camera, a laser sensor and processor the latest generation of image Toshiba Visconti 4. With the help of cameras and intelligent software calculates the distance to the nearest object. Laser sensor helps to get more accurate data. Further generated detailed map, on which are indicated the obstacles and ways to avoid them. It can be used unmanned vehicles to safely maneuver on the road.


the Toshiba

The development of the Toshiba and Nagoya University have already tested on public roads in the prefecture of Aichi. The tests are also participating company Aisan Technology, a specialist in the development of 3D-maps, and Tier IV, a startup that offers technology for autonomous driving. A feature of the system is the low power consumption, resistance to vibration and temperature extremes, reliability and relatively low cost of production.

According to the plans of Toshiba, the commercial version of the system will be available to automakers already in 2020.