Tomsk scientists invented the HRM-Tracker – a gadget that will allow everyone to monitor their own bedtime. Similarly, “bicycle”, of course, one can not be surprised.

Perhaps Siberian specialists will at least something nice design – promise that the device will be the size of a standard credit card

HRM-Tracker can record physiological data sleeping Home -.. do not forget to place the gadget close by themselves –

preferably under a mattress


The system works just special sensor captures all the fluctuations (especially of the heart, respiratory rate, even snoring) As a result -.. collected statistics on sleep depth, its discontinuity, and the duration of the active phase of

Progress report opens in the smartphone – with the help of corporate applications companion [

Functions HRM-Tracker completely autonomously. About charging products need to remember only once every few months. As for the cost, the price will not exceed $ 30 (as promised).

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