Toca Life: Stable – your new adventures with horses


From Toca Boca comes a new and fun adventure entitled “Toca Life: Stable”, a game where the horses will be the protagonists. You will experience new and exhilarating emotions by taking care of your new friend.

We are here again to present you a very nice recently published game on the App Store. Question of Toca Life: Stable video games where you have to take care of the horses and to show their skills by taking part in medieval games or simulating some classic stories of the old Wild West . You will experience new and hilarious camping adventures with your new friends.

You will have your stable staff and you will have to take care of your horses: wash, comb, place the seat when necessary and go galloping showing their main skills trying to be especially attractive as possible thanks to the applause of the public. At the end of performance you will need to groom and clean your friends, give them the deserved rest, feed them and so much more. For svagarti you can go to have fun in the forest, embark on a new adventure with your trusted friend and sleep under the stars and then wake you up and get you a nice swim at the falls. There is also a virtual shop where you can go to buy everything you will need. Among the main characteristics include various game environments as a barn, arena, forest and shop, you can create as many as 24 new stories and exciting, choose attires to you most welcome, take a bike ride in the forest, or compete in ‘arena and much more.

Link – Price € 2.99

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