the Samsung Company makes every effort to determine the cause of addiction flagship Galaxy Note 7 PHABLET to overheating and fire, but has not reached any results. The preliminary assumption of a defect of one of the suppliers of the batteries has not been confirmed, as continued warm PHABLET of a new party with a “safe” batteries that have been proposed to replace defective.

Apparently so to identify the causes of the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 has joined the South Korean government, which began its own investigation. State Key Laboratory for conducting tests (Korea Testing Laboratory, KTL) received from Samsung five copies Galaxy Note 7, which happened fire. To determine the cause of overheating and fire laboratory plans to use a variety of methods, including CT scans and X-rays.

We passed the phone (which is lit up) KTL and we will cooperate with it in the investigation, but we can not just sit and wait for the result “, – the representative of Samsung said, adding that the company will mobilize all possible resources to find the cause of problems with the Galaxy Note 7 “as soon as possible.”

the Samsung is also considering the possibility of checking the faulty smartphones, which came to the Commission on the US Consumer Product Safety (CPSC).

Figuring out the exact cause of fire Note 7 is crucial for the company, since it is necessary to return the trust of users before the new flagship model Galaxy S8 next year.