studio Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts has announced the release of the trial version multiplayer shooter Titanfall 2. This means that everyone who has not yet bought the game, will be able to try it for free. Access to trial opens for subscribers EA Access and Origin Access November 30 and for all other players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin -. December 2 If, after passing the trial version you decide to continue to play and buy the full version of the game, save the whole made and received achievements.

After Titanfall 2 release received positive critical acclaim worldwide and was nominated for “Game of the year “by the Game Awards, the winner of which will be announced this Thursday December 1st. Titanfall Multiplayer mode 2, as in the first part, based on the dynamic interaction between the pilots and “Titans”, offering players a wide variety of modes, maps and weapons. The main difference between the second part of the story was the emergence of a full-fledged campaign, in which developers from Respawn Entertainment used a number of fresh ideas for the genre.

The developers promise that after the release of Titanfall 2 all additional maps, modes, and weapons will be available to players for free. The first such cards would be “most dangerous in the City of Angels,” which will be available from 30 November. It is a completely redesigned version of the popular among the card players, “City of Angels” of the first part of Titanfall. This update includes additional content, including gun “Elite Slave”, six new sets for “Titans” and seek admission to the new pilots. With the release of “The most dangerous in the City of Angels,” the players will have the opportunity to purchase items to change the look of both pilots and “Titans”, including camouflage patterns for the corps of combat vehicles, war paint and much more. Players who pre-order the game Titanfall 2 to release, will have access to the new map from 30 November, and all the rest – from 3 December.

It is worth noting that to install the trial version of Titanfall 2 on the PC you want to install the client Origin, while the Xbox One needs gold status in the Xbox Gold. The trial version of each game can be played only once for each EA account and computer.