fourth generation

The famous game Tiny Wings arrives today on Apple TV and fourth generation brings a new multiplayer game modes in split-screen.

The famous game is now available on Apple TV 4. The game costs € 2.99 and provides a new method of two-player game with a split screen. This way you can challenge a friend or relative in your living room.

Tiny Wings, remember, it is a game that mixes a pretty basic graphic to a simple but addictive gameplay. In essence, the fun of the game is to try to fly our bird with small wings along the hills that we will find along the way.

On Apple TV you can play with the Remote controller Siri (in Italy called Apple TV Remote), a third-party controller MFi certificate or an iOS device. Clearly you can play in two with two different types of controller and it does not necessarily need to have two Apple TV remote or two MFi controller. Are available in this game the two calls mode “Day Trip” and “Flight School”. Finally, there is synchronization with iCloud.

Below the teaser of the game on Apple TV:

If you are interested, Tiny Wings TV is available on Apple TV through the store dedicated to the price of 2.99 €.