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After being tested for two weeks in Australia, the new paid feature Tinder, Boost, was released on Tuesday, 18 in Brazil. The novelty is a profile pass in front of the other for 30 minutes. According to the company, the account you use the tool has up to 10 times more likely to be seen, which increase the possibility of a “match”.

“Our tests in Australia and the UK have shown us that they received on average eight to ten times more ‘matches’ when the Boost was activated,” he said in a statement the director of revenue and Tinder products Brian Norgard.

For subscribers Tinder Plus, Boost can be used free of charge once a week. At other times and for other users, activate the feature generates a charge. The feature can be purchased by the application and the individual price can be modified depending on the quantity purchased. For example, in the UK, a “boost” costs around 2.29 euros (US $ 2.82), but a package of 10 causes each unit costs 1.50 euro (US $ 1.85). The price applied in Brazil was not disclosed.

Tinder Boost

Source: G1

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