Update 29/11

Tim has updated its range Tim Smart Mobile doubling the minutes and increasing Giga available to new customers than the standard offer.

Until January 29, 2017 in fact, all new customers who activate Tim Smart Mobile will have 1 000 minutes to all and well 3GB of Internet 4G . The complete offer ultimately will include:


Unlimited Internet at maximum speed to reach from your line up to up to 20 Mbps download and up to a maximum of 3 Mbps in upload if coverage Fiber (otherwise up to 1 Mbps in upload) telephone line calls 0 € / minute to all national mobile and fixed numbers (only 19 cents to the answer) Smart Modem Wi-Fi in tying TIMvision Cartoons, movies and TV series outside the home, without consuming GB!


1000 minutes and 3GB Internet 4G to month promotion for new mobile customers TIM 500 minutes and 2GB Internet 4G per month for existing customers TIM mobile calls abroad starting from 1 cent per minute included in the tender

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TIM now offers offer dedicated to new customers who wish combine fixed and mobile in a single solution TV on demand included.

TIM Smart Mobile is only valid online and until October 21 provides a subscription for new customers ADSL free the first month then equal to 19 euro for 11 months instead of 39,90 €. The contribution of activation of the home line is free, and the options include:

Fixed lines:

unlimited internet up to 20 Mbps download and up to 3 Mbps in upload telephone calls to 0 € / minute at Smart Modem WiFi answer to 3.90 euro / month to fixed and mobile national with 19 cents shutter 48 months TIMvision outside the home, without consuming traffic GB

Mobile Line:

3GB of Internet 4G 500 minutes / month calling abroad from 1 cent / minute

TIM Smart Mobile is combinable a series of additional options, including Smart Fiber up to 100 Mega 10 € / month Smart House to have unlimited calls to landlines and furniture with no connection to 10 € / month or Voice mobile for Smartphone to have unlimited minutes to all, always 10 € / month.

TIM points out that the promotion of “ Welcome to TIM Smart ” is valid for all new fixed-line customers (including portability) that activate a TIM Smart offer by 30 October 2016 . In this case there is a credit of 29,90 EUR from the first invoice. The online activations also provide one Discount of 120 EUR for new customers and ADSL TIM for the first 7000 activation requests 17 to 21 October, additional to the current promotion described above.

For more information and details and to review the complete list of the options we refer to TIM’s official page .

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