Tim has recently presented new tariff plans activated Tim One Prime Go and Tim Base New now we’re going to find out in detail.

Tim One Prime GO

Tim One Prime Go is the new default tariff profile for rechargeable clients that includes:

calls to all national mobile and fixed numbers in 19 cents. Retail . SMS to all in 16 cents . Connection charge 20 cents. Benefits Prime Time GO . Cinema every week in 2 for the price of 1, follow the transfer market and the championship with Serie A TIM App call and send no SMS limits to a Favourite TIM number and have a certain prize to each refill. cost 49 cents a week with the first 4 weeks free for new activations.

One Prime Time Go can be activated at TIM shops, calling Customer Service 119, or by accessing the authenticated MyTIM Mobile, if you are already a customer TIM.

more on the official website .

Tim New Basic

Unlike One Prime Go, Tim Base New does not provide for any weekly cost including:

calls to all in 23 cents. Retail . SMS to all in 19 cents . Connection fee 20 cents . activation cost free .

Tim Base New can be activated directly online by clicking on the Change Profile at the Tim shops or by calling the free number 40916 or customer service 119.

More information on official website .

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