We recall not so long ago in China are now on sale wireless headset Dacom 7S X1 which were produced by local by Dacom in the image of Apple AirPods.

The last has not yet emerged, although they were expected to first in October, and then in November. According to Barclays data the production of Apple AirPods headphones should only start this month.

Fans have so far not received a clear answer to the question of when they will be able to purchase AirPods. One of the users of Apple products led the company wrote the following letter:

“Give us a specific date. I really imbued with wireless vision for the future that you have outlined. So far, I have to either use EarPods, or wait until my iPhone 7 charged. Tell me, how much we still have to wait – a month or six months. Because I just buy other headphones. “

“Thank you for your letter and I am sorry for the delay, – said Tim Cook (Tim Cook). – We are at the final stage.

Shipments should begin in a few weeks. ”

looks like this year AirPods and will not appear in stores.