The wait is almost over: the AirPods wireless headphones Apple, will soon be available for purchase. you will not have to wait for the month of March, as suggested by a ‘ rumor emerged a few days ago, but a few weeks. To confirm it is none other than Tim Cook the CEO of Cupertino, in response to the request sent by mail by a user.

The correspondence in question was forwarded to the drafting of MacRumors user, and then be published on the magazine website. Apparently, this customer contacted Tim Cook to ask for explanations on the release of AirPods wireless headphones expectations initially planned for October, then postponed until a later date.

Give us a release date. […] I’m stuck waiting with my EarPods, but I can not charge my iPhone 7 same time, as I could use at work. Let us know if it will be one or six months, because then simply buy the other wireless headsets.

A doubt more than legitimate, that expressed by MacRumors reader, regarded as the absence of a 3.5 mm jack in iPhone 7 forces to alternate the charging to that of the EarPods connection, given the presence of a single port Lightning . Cook, however, has rekindled hopes on such areas wireless accessories.

Thanks for the note. I apologize for the delay – and we are finalizing the advance that we will inaugurate shipments in the coming weeks.

At the time, I was unable to reach confirmation from Apple on this email exchange, but the head feels this is a conversation probably authentic. Still it lacks effective date of issue, and it is certainly not the AirPods may arrive in time for the holiday season but they seem to have been excluded for the most dire predictions. As already mentioned, for example, in recent days some analysts had speculated in March for the arrival in stores, in conjunction with the renewed iPad Pro.