TIM against cyberbullying in schools . The digital bullying in schools, unfortunately, is a phenomenon that you can not stop and so TIM has decided to help children in the fight against this deplorable social plague. Precisely for this reason, TIM announced the birth of “ SillyBully ” that is a mobile app created with the objective of making available of a technologically advanced instrument schools and students to address the problem of cyberbullying .

The new application, developed in collaboration with partners NetGroup was presented in Lecce during the seminar “Now it’s up to you! The Cyberbullying between freedom of expression, legal limits and civic consciousness “, sponsored by the city of Lecce and the University of Salento, and organized by the High School and Music” Giuseppe Palmieri “. The application of TIM as well as allowing schools to undertake a preventive campaign through notifications to students and their families, make available the function “ SOS ” to automatically start a recording video at the time of occurrence of the abusive act. The video will then be shared with the school, while maintaining anonymity, in order to broadcast live from bullying and grasp in the act the author.


“SillyBully” is characterized by an application web based which allows centralized management of the information and services provided, in addition to monitoring the entire system, and a second component Client, represented by ‘Mobile App to access functionality and services provided on the move through their smartphone. In particular, the mobile application is fully integrated with the smartphone thanks to the use of specific systems, such as GPS, camera and push notifications, for geolocalize bullying of the event, thus allowing to detect in real time the place where is happening the ‘bullying episode in order to intervene, where possible, immediately.