Now you can switch to one of TIM offers proposals for the Christmas season: “Supergiga 10 laude” and “Supergiga 30 and praise.”

Supergiga 10 laude ” has an activation cost of 9.99 € and is valid for two months, while “ Supergiga 30 cum laude “, valid always two months has a cost of € 19.99 activation.

By ‘ option 10 laude you will have 5GB of LTE data traffic bonus, plus another 5GB 0re only valid from 00:00 to 08:00; l ‘ option 30 cum laude however, offers 15GB of data traffic in LTE, plus another 15GB always from 00:00 to 08:00. In practice, users get to the gig available “night”, to be added to those consumables during the day.

The two options include two months of subscription STUDIO +, a platform that allows to see several series of smartphones, in addition to 50 € discount on the list price of some Wi-Fi modem offered by TIM.