The majority of the commercial organization THX assets, including management team and employees, are now owned by Razer. This is the result of the transaction, financial details of which were not disclosed, but argue that THX will operate as an independent subsidiary of Razer structure.

THX company was founded 33 years ago an American film director George Lucas (George Lucas) and throughout its existence has been developing work with sound technologies and certification of equipment. The name she received in honor of the standard developed in 1982, Tomlinson Holman (Tomlinson Holman) for Lucasfilm to bring the viewer to the soundtrack of the film “Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi “was the way it was conceived director. With regard to Razer, it specializes in the production of gaming computers and computer accessories for gamers.

After the transition in ownership will Razer THX will continue to operate in its three main areas of activity – THX Certification (Certification of equipment for compliance with the stringent requirements of providing as close as possible to the idea sound engineers sound reproduction), THX Live ! (Work on the sound on the big concert venues, and the transfer of this experience to the home system) and THX Inside (the development of technologies to improve the quality of sound equipment).

to buy Razer THX is a logical action, because among its manufactured products in a wide assortment of headphones and speakers. It is obvious that after this transaction will be the brand model, certified THX.