Starship company, to create an autonomous robot for the delivery of the six wheels, got permission of the Department of Transport of Washington to conduct testing program for delivery in September this year.

Based in Estonia, the company has cooperated with the local authorities in the development of the bill personal delivery device Pilot Act of 2016, allowing the use of “personal in delivery devices” ( personal delivery devices, PDD).

Autonomous robot has a compartment for cargo weighing up to 9 kg. Several built-in cameras allow it to avoid obstacles and navigate the terrain and determine the direction of motion.

The company will be able to test up to five robots. Tests may start on 15 September and will, according to the resolution of the Department of Transport, until 31 December 2017.

The Executive Director of the Starship Allan Martinson (Allan Martinson) said resource The Verge, that while the company has not decided exactly where to carry out tests . The law prohibits the testing of autonomous robots in the central part of the city, so it will be necessary to find a place somewhere in the vicinity. The choice will depend on the location of the warehouses of partners, the quality of the pavement, lighting district. Martinson declined to identify the partners, only saying that they are engaged in the delivery of packages and products.

The company has already tested the robot on delivery at the University of Arkansas in April, in London, as well as at home in Estonia. Currently produced Starship 25 robots that can autonomously move to a distance of 380 miles (483 km).