is coming on the market Netatmo Presence a surveillance camera for external natively integrated with the Internet. The view we had at the last CES in Las Vegas, presented in a still very preliminary version. Now the work is over and the Presence ready to launch, which will take place from next November 2 .

This is a combined system: in the lower one wide-angle camera (100 degree angle of view); in the generous top a battery LED lighting at both shooting service to illuminate the passage . In particular, the illuminator is combined between visible and infrared light for night shooting, with a large coverage range (pulls 20 meters) both for the part of viseosorveglianza that for the simple illumination function. One of the unique features is this: The Netatmo Presence is certainly a surveillance camera but also an outdoor lighting system which may have the lamp function even apart from that shooting, which the makes a particularly versatile system.

Not all shots are salavate, but only those in which motion is detected. The user can define the sensitive areas, thus discarding those in which there is outside walkway to the property, for example a glimpse of a public road. In this way they minimize false positives. Also – most importantly – in the service of this camcorder it is an expert system can decode the images of what kind of “pass” it : the Presence recognizes if the recovery is to enable It was a person, a car or just an animal. This way you can also decide, through the app, such as “reaction” to trigger the passage of each detected type: whether to resume and just, resume and or neglecting to notify the event.

Security and privacy are for Netatmo an important value: for this reason images, which have evidently a confidential nature, are not saved in the cloud like other systems, but they remain confined to SD card inside the camera, which can be extended as desired with standard card sold separately. Upon reaching the capacity of the card, the system starts to delete video older, but there is obviously plenty of time to scaricarseli periodically. If necessary, you can even set an automatic upload to an ftp (for example on a NAS any) to have a backup and make sure that clips are never deleted.

The installation is simple : just two blocks (the swivel bracket is supplied) and power supply. As for the data, the Presence connects to Wi-Fi at home (but it should be up to the installation point); the lighting of the light can not be controlled by an external button, but you can configure the machine to use the camera as a proximity sensor, and turn on the light automatically when it detects a particular movement, such as that of a person in a definable area of ​​the picture.

All the camera’s management, including the ability to see in real time filming and remote use, consists of the free app . You can automate certain behaviors and coordinate them with other IoT devices and smartphones thanks to its compatibility with IFTTT . The list price is 299 EUR and there are no other costs or subscriptions as you do not use cloud services. In any case, the possibility for the user to automatically save the Internet movies captured on your Dropbox space, which of course must be paid separately.