all remember fondly the campaign of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and we play endlessly as we can, but let’s face it, what we all hope more eager he is to return to hit shots in the online mode this legendary installment of the saga. That you may enter again into the dynamics of COD 4 remind you which are the best weapons for multiplayer, so you can come to the fore in the feed nothing more start playing.

Former glories

  • Fusil Precision M40: If someone talks about COD 4’re sure that the first thing that will come to mind for many is this incredible sniper rifle. It is true that skill, practice and precision needed to take advantage is high, but once mastered this beast we are certainly at the best weapon of the game, besides being tremendously fun to play.

  • RPD light machine gun What to say about this weapon; good accuracy and timing considering that is a heavy weapon, good damage and many, many bullets. Once we control the recoil of this weapon (something simple since in Call of Duty recoil is minimal) we will be able to leave more than a pinch.

  • MP5 submachine: Another old glory. For many the most versatile weapon in the game, above assault rifles. Easy to use, good damage, cadence and precision, aesthetically great. Perfect for those who do not stand still.

  • assault rifle AK-47: A perfect for all, balanced and beautiful weapon. If the best-known weapon in the world of video games for nothing. It does well in any situation.

  • assault rifle M16-A4: The best weapon of the game with permission of M-40. A rifle bursts that just destroys everything that stands in front, although short distances can make you sweat a little.

You know as you may take a few games you demonstrate what you are capable, and not worth the excuse that your weapon is bad.