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Looks like Christmas came early for some smartphone users in the United States. And even though the year is full of interesting releases in the area Mobile, who was more successful was the “most affordable” line of Google, which opened a few days ago with the new Pixel and Pixel XL on the market. And, apparently, the giant hit his hand on the recipe of the original phones.

It turns out that the big brother of this double, Pixel XL, has run the Google Store the country. And who wants to buy one, will have to wait for quite a little while until stocks are replenished. The marketing campaign of the new models will be plain sailing, and beyond that, it seems that they work well and deliver what they promise.

To get an idea, both as Pixel Pixel XL in blue color have disappeared from the map for those who want to buy, and it was a matter of minutes. Now, the versions in black and silver 32 GB Pixel are already estimated delivery delays, which should take over a month to reach the hands of buyers. Worse (or better, depending on your perspective) that this is even the big one XL, which do not get to tell the story or in any of its variants.

For now, the only salvation for those who want to get their hands on a Pixel XL this month is the offer of Verizon, which promised to renew its stock of Pixel and Pixel XL to the end of this week. Already customers of AT & T and T-Mobile competitors were not so lucky and have to wait a little longer to get one of these models of their own.

Via Android Authority

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