The 2016 is coming to the conclusion and, like every year, will begin to drawing up the rankings of the best games released in the course of these 12 months .

Despite the appeal still miss you Dead Rising 4 to be released on December 6 on PC and Xbox One, and the highly anticipated The Last Guardian exclusively dedicated to the Sony console that will debut on December 7, the TIME has already been crowned the best title of 2016, drawing up the usual Top Ten.

The winner is the title of Jonathan Blow The Witness which ranks first in the special classification. The game, for those not familiar, is puzzle game featuring over 600 puzzles and set on a vast island structured as a true open world.

In second place we find, however, an exclusive dedicated to the home console Sony, Uncharted 4 End of a Thief followed by Inside the ‘adventure in Limbo-style created by Playdead. The top ten includes other important titles including, Battlefield 1 Dragon Quest Builders and No Man’s Sky which ranks tenth.

However Failing to answer a series of titles all over and it is important to note that the ranking is mainly dominated by indie games.

The Witness Uncharted 4 End of a Thief Inside Tharsis Burly Men at Sea Dragon Quest Builders Crashlands Virginia Battlefield 1 No Man’s Sky killy79 VIA