The Wallbox BMW recharge the car at the lowest possible cost. Perfect with photovoltaic


There is no doubt that BMW, although no proclamations last bastion of sustainable mobility, has always been one of the houses that has given more to do in this field. After the recent rumor of a new i3 revised and updated the German company adds another piece to its offer dedicated to electric cars, the Digital Charging Service .

Because of new BMW i Wallbox Connect which is in addition to existing ones, constantly connected to the Internet, customers can set the parameters of the cost of electricity, and load ( as much as possible) with the best rates. Not only that: when present, a photovoltaic plant will be taken into account and exploited as much as possible .

Compared to the old models, the wallbox will now support up to 22 kW in three-phase power very interesting fact since the i3 stops in AC 11 kW. This means that new models with more charging power are coming, or that BMW gives a nod also to those who own models of cars of competition. course equipped with WiFi the wall box according to the data supplied by the customer, takes into account the possible production of a photovoltaic installation, according to the weather and sets independently a charging program controllable app.

When you do not know the cost of the new accessory, and BMW has announced that will start by selling in Germany and the Netherlands at the beginning of 2017 and then spread to other countries. In previous products are available in our market, so it is reasonable to assume the arrival in Italy. Here is an online control screen: