The Volvo developed the largest bus in the world


Volvo company is preparing to release Gran Artic 300 passenger vehicle, which is to become the biggest bus in the world.

reported that the total length of the machine is 30 meters. The design provides for two joints, and four axes. The bus is designed to carry 300 people. Other specifications were not disclosed.

Of course, Gran Artic 300 model is not intended for use on ordinary city streets. The element of novelty – Bus Rapid Transit system. In this case, the route usually take place on dedicated lanes (completely or predominantly) and at intersections buses are certain advantages to accelerate the movement. Stop at this station may resemble rail transport: they are closed on all sides, have a ticket and reference offices are equipped with turnstiles, which contributes to more rapid passenger boarding


the Volvo notes that machines like Gran Artic 300 due to its large seating capacity can reduce the number of conventional buses. This reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and has a positive effect on the transport infrastructure.


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