The series “ How to Get Away with Murder ” returns from this evening of Sky . The third season begins today at 21.50 on Fox with a weekly appointment (every Tuesday). Protagonist of the series, produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) and created by Peter Nowalk, is always a lawyer and taught Annalise Keating ( Viola Davis Emmy-winning, in 2015, for this role.)

In the third season will be dealt a new case and there will be very close to the victim’s character. The development of events proposes the tried and tested formula in previous seasons. The viewer is confronted with the facts already (almost) completed. Episode in episode all events are then reconstructed that led to what is shown at the beginning and you get the full picture. Nowalk said:

The positive thing I can say to the fans is that the past can always come back. There are many characters that have been set aside, but is not said to have ended their path. So never say never.

Nicola Zucchini Buriani VIA