The Swedish homes will be powered by Tesla: $ 5,000 incentive


The Swedish government of Prime Minister Löfven travels at high speed to keep the promise to make the Scandinavian monarchy the first country in the world fossil-free within a deadline of 2019: the last step in this direction came in just this week with the formalization of a set of incentives that will arrive to relieve families up to 60% of the cost of a Tesla powerwall 2 . Not clearly makes specific mention of American power unit, but being the only contender in the industry, it is clear that the benefits of the new law will feed into the business of renewable energy Elon Musk.

Do the accounts in pocket to Swedish families: the powerwall 2 14 kWh Tesla can be ordered on site at a price of 61,000 crowns list, that with a few basic accessories and almost installation touches share 73,300 ($ 8,000 at current exchange rates). A considerable outlay for anyone, and that would bear fruit only in countries by the very high rate of annual electricity consumption – such as Sweden – and though the first installation set for summer 2017 will be available for two years recently less than $ 3,000.

I was made to wait comment – needless to say, enthusiastic – Andreas Gustafsson, Program Manager of Research and Innovation of the Swedish Energy Agency: department “ The diagram shows a complementary support system to that already existing on a large scale in Sweden relatively to the solar panels. It is only one step, but it is one of those important toward achieving a goal of access to renewable energy for everyone in the country. With this incentive, we expect two main results: better management and diffusion of technology in solar panels, and a second face to the stabilization of the system, especially in terms of frequency and voltage fluctuations . “

A question arises: us when we get there?

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