miniature console Game Boy Color, the creation of a Dutch programmer Jorunn Domburg, practically does not take up precious space, as it can be hung on a bunch of keys as a keyring, and used for its intended purpose, that is to play, wherever your heart desires. enthusiasts managed to pick up accessories and improve GNUboy emulator to eventually get so small, but working console. The product is equipped with a 1-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 96×64 pixels, dual-core chipset clocked at 240 MHz, 512 KB RAM and 4 MB of internal memory, Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth, a speaker, a 150 mAh battery and plastic case with operating buttons and a crosspiece. Because of weak technical stuffing and a small amount of space on the Game Boy Color, you can record only a few emulations. Loading is carried out from any PC or smartphone on Wi-Fi. Programmer demonstrated the possibility of a miniature consoles running on it Tetris, Super Mario, DOOM and Witcher 3.


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