since the release of Game Boy Color took 18 years, but clones of the portable console continues to appear to this day. for example, was recently presented the smallest version of the game Boy Color. The console is so small that it can be hung on a keychain and used as a key fob. Author miniature version of game Boy Color, known under the pseudonym Sprite_TM, he said that in the process of creating a small copy of the video game console has faced a number of challenges. first, he had to find a tiny and while the color display. Second, choose the hardware foundation for the console. and thirdly, to adapt one of the existing emulators.

as a result, he got a compact device that is equipped with a 1-inch display with a resolution of 96×64 pixels, dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 240 MHz, 512 KB RAM, 4 MB of internal memory, as well as Bluetooth, Wi- Fi. As for the emulator, here the choice fell on GNUboy. Author of the project put a lot of effort in order to run it on such a weak “iron” and solve the problem of lack of space. But in the end device is still working.

It is noteworthy that in addition to games for the Game Boy Color in the miniature console as the original DOOM and was launched Witcher 3. However, in the latter case, the author cheated a little and simply connected to a remote computer over a network.